Mt. Gulugod Baboy Overnight Hike

Mount Pinagbanderahan or widely known as Mount Gulugod Baboy is a hidden paradise of Southern Batangas that is only three hours away from Manila and features the scenic views of Batangas and Balayan Bay, its magnificent rolling hills and its beautiful grassland. This mountain stands 525 meters above sea level and takes at least an hour of trek to reach its peak.

Mt. Ulap Traverse Day Hike

The trail for this mountain is approximately 10 KM and it will take around 6 to 8 hours to finish depending on your pace. In our case, we started our adventure to Mt Ulap as early as 6AM taking a traverse day hike.

Art Matters at Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum is owned by Dr. Joven Cuanang, an art enthusiasts who believes that appreciation of art and culture can shape one’s identity. He, who is deeply rooted in his inclination to Filipino’s artistic prowess, has accumulated a number of artworks in his personal collection. He acquired a modest house and lot in the 70’s…

600 pesos Dayhike Guide to Mt. Daraitan + Tinipak River

Rizal province is undoubtedly one of the most favored places to visit for mountaineers. It is a perfect place for beginners to celebrate their first mountain hike since it is in here where you can find the right mountain to climb based on your specifications.

Masasa Beach Travel Guide 2017

If you are looking for a great waterside experience near to Manila then Masasa beach is an ‘easy to reach’ weekend destination that is a great place to unwind from the rigours of city living.

Panglao Island Hopping: Dolphin Watching, Balicasag Island, Virgin Island & Alona Beach

It was an early start on day 4 of our Bohol Backpacking trip – we had booked a tour that would take us to multiple places in the Bohol Sea.   We had chosen a popular trip, the Panglao Island Hopping Tour, that takes you out into the sea for a heady mix of dolphin watching, snorkeling, turtle encountering on Balicasag Island, and finally to The Virgin Island.

Chasing Waterfalls in Dimiao, Bohol

My sister and I recently went chasing waterfalls as part of our Bohol backpacking trip. We took a van ride from the Dao Bus Terminal from near the Island Mall. The departure times can be a bit of an unknown as it will not leave until it is fully occupied; we were quite lucky and only had to wait for 20 minutes. Fares are 100/pax one way.

Bohol Countryside Tour | 1,000 pesos Travel Guide w/ free Accommodation

My sister and I joined up with 8 other people (connected thru FB) who had hired a van for the day at a cost of Php1,800 not including entrance fees. In short, the cost of getting from one place to another came down to Php180 per person. Great value, but there is also the alternative of getting bikes and private cars.

Bohol Travel Guide 2017

Bohol is a one off wonder that has it all- the sun, shimmering, crystal clear sea, soft sand and spotless beaches, a cornucopia of amazing historic heritage sites, and panoramic sensational scenery and if that isn’t enough folks, you can do it all on a shoe string if you feel so inclined.

1,000 pesos Travel Guide to Anda & Candijay, Bohol

Anda and Candijay as tourist destinations are some of the most underrated attractions in Bohol. As far as I am concerned, both these exciting destinations are a mix of Banawe, Boracay, and Cebu, but without the hustle of too many people – what heaven!!  

Behind the Beauty of Jomalig

But behind its beauty is something amiss, unexpectedly so – there lies people (especially kids) mostly in dire need of help!

Kwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin Beach Travel Guide

Quezon Province has always been a favorite spot when it comes to beautiful islands- from its white beaches, crystal clear oceans and island hopping activities. For a considerably lower price than those in demand beaches that will cost you thousands of pesos, it is no doubt that Quezon province wears one of the crowns for the best affordable places to visit in the Philippines.

230 pesos Hiking Guide to Mt. Balagbag 2017

This mountain is a good climb for a beginner. The trail is very wide and is easy to follow, you’ll never worry in getting lost. Though it still requires a deal of stamina especially during rainy season. For less than two hours, I was able to reach the summit welcoming me with this amazing view.

Tourist Spots in Sorsogon

This little town is not as well-known as the other municipalities found in Sorsogon but, believe me, when i say that it has masses to offer, from its majestic coves to its pristine beaches – seeing is believing!

DIY Travel Guide: Bicol (Sorsogon + Albay ) Backpacking

Until now I always labored under the impression that the only thing of note in the Bicol Region was the ever-majestic and infamous Mayon Volcano, at least my childhood memories led me to believe that. How wrong can a person be? In my case, big time! There’s so so much more to Bicolandia!

How Travel Changed My Life

Travelling has radically altered my outlook on life, given me the opportunity to get things in a realistic focus and grow me (still growing).

Fantastic fantasies in The Dreamy Cafè

Make your day a glitter-filled
Bag of Rainbows and Unicorn farts !!

Every cafe I have visited has its own distinct ambiance and just recently, I came to visit a Unicorn themed cafe located at Malolos, Bulacan that is a first in the Philippines!


My cousins and I have been wanting to go to Mt. Pulag ever since we saw photos of the sea of clouds. The first rays of the sun break on the horizon and warm orange light slowly seeps through the rolling sea of clouds as they break against the mountain peaks of Luzon’s highest pinnacles…

Top 25 Tourist Spots in Baguio 2017

It is one of the few places in the country where you can visit to escape the summer heat and enjoy a chilly weather. Aside from its cold weather, this place also offers a magnificent view of cordillera administrative region mountain ranges and breathtaking destinations — from its rich heritage to its indigenous culture.

Travel Guide to Garin Farm, Iloilo 2017

Going into Garin Farm is a whole experience in itself. If your a city dweller you will be bowled over by the warm greeting from assorted farmyard animals like ducks, chickens, pigs and cows to name but a few; you are also assaulted by their requisite odours, but then thats no worse than a lot of city places lol :D.

Kawa Hot Bath Travel Guide – Tibiao, Antique

The Kayak Inn is the starting point for some up-beat activities that include river kayaking, rafting, mountain biking and hiking up waterfalls. For the less energetically inclined, you will be delighted to know that there are also some relaxed activities including soaking in the Kawa hot baths, full body massages or shooting the breeze with the locals.

DIY Travel Guide: Alibijaban Island 2017

Alibijaban! Say that again – A-li-bi-ha-ban. Pronouncing it is a struggle as going to this remote island.

Alibijaban Island is a virgin paradise located at the most southern tip of Quezon and is in the municipality of San Andres.

Scuba Diving Tips and Reminders – Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia 2017

I have a fear of swimming in open water and an over active imagination when it comes to thinking about some nasty, teeth loaded, aquatic monster rising from the depths with the sole intention of seeking me out as some snack item. Which leads me into my first experience with Scuba Diving in Malaysia.

Palawan Travel Guide by Car

Everything you read about Palawan talks of stunning seascapes and incredible sunsets etc etc, but the reality is that …