Tourist Spots in Sorsogon

This little town is not as well-known as the other municipalities found in Sorsogon but, believe me, when i say that it has masses to offer, from its majestic coves to its pristine beaches – seeing is believing!

DIY Travel Guide: Bicol (Sorsogon + Albay ) Backpacking

Until now I always labored under the impression that the only thing of note in the Bicol Region was the ever-majestic and infamous Mayon Volcano, at least my childhood memories led me to believe that. How wrong can a person be? In my case, big time! There’s so so much more to Bicolandia!

How Travel Changed My Life

Travelling has radically altered my outlook on life, given me the opportunity to get things in a realistic focus and grow me (still growing).

Fantastic fantasies in The Dreamy Cafè

Make your day a glitter-filled
Bag of Rainbows and Unicorn farts !!

Every cafe I have visited has its own distinct ambiance and just recently, I came to visit a Unicorn themed cafe located at Malolos, Bulacan that is a first in the Philippines!


My cousins and I have been wanting to go to Mt. Pulag ever since we saw photos of the sea of clouds. The first rays of the sun break on the horizon and warm orange light slowly seeps through the rolling sea of clouds as they break against the mountain peaks of Luzon’s highest pinnacles…

Top 25 Tourist Spots in Baguio 2017

It is one of the few places in the country where you can visit to escape the summer heat and enjoy a chilly weather. Aside from its cold weather, this place also offers a magnificent view of cordillera administrative region mountain ranges and breathtaking destinations — from its rich heritage to its indigenous culture.

Travel Guide to Garin Farm, Iloilo 2017

Going into Garin Farm is a whole experience in itself. If your a city dweller you will be bowled over by the warm greeting from assorted farmyard animals like ducks, chickens, pigs and cows to name but a few; you are also assaulted by their requisite odours, but then thats no worse than a lot of city places lol :D.

Kawa Hot Bath Travel Guide – Tibiao, Antique

The Kayak Inn is the starting point for some up-beat activities that include river kayaking, rafting, mountain biking and hiking up waterfalls. For the less energetically inclined, you will be delighted to know that there are also some relaxed activities including soaking in the Kawa hot baths, full body massages or shooting the breeze with the locals.